What is Controlling?

What is Controlling?

The controlling function of management is a goal-oriented process that involves comparing actual performance with established standards to ensure alignment with organizational plans. It focuses on monitoring, evaluating, and taking corrective actions if there are any deviations from the desired outcomes.

Controlling measures the extent of progress identifies the causes of deviations, and facilitates corrective measures to maintain efficiency and effectiveness. It helps in efficient resource utilization and ensures that organizational goals are achieved.

Controlling is a systematic exercise that involves continuous monitoring and adjusting of activities to stay on the right track. It is a means of maintaining organizational control and influencing sub-units and members to achieve desired objectives. Controlling should not be seen as a negative or manipulative process but as a way to ensure consistency between employee actions and organizational goals.

It is an integral part of management that involves establishing standards, measuring performance, and correcting any deviations to ensure plans are carried out successfully. Effective control systems stimulate action and enable timely adjustments to keep the organization on course. Ultimately, controlling plays a crucial role in achieving desired outcomes and maintaining organizational success.

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