What is Management As A Discipline? – Explained

management as a discipline

What is Management as a Discipline? Management can be considered as a discipline because it involves the study of principles and practices related to effective administration and the proper management of resources. It follows a code of conduct for managers and provides methods for efficiently managing an organization. Just like other academic disciplines, management is … Read more

Management As An Activity [Explained]

management as an activity

What is Management As An Activity? Management as an activity refers to the actions undertaken by managers to accomplish organizational objectives while considering internal and external factors. Just like any other human activity, management involves performing specific tasks and responsibilities. Managers carry out a range of roles that can be categorized into three main areas. … Read more

Management As A Process [Explained]

management as a process

Management As A Process: Defining What is management as a process? Management as a process refers to a systematic and coordinated approach that managers undertake to achieve organizational objectives. It involves various interrelated activities that managers perform, such as planning, organizing, directing, and controlling, to effectively utilize resources and guide the efforts of individuals toward … Read more

Objectives of Management (and How To Achieve Them)

objectives of management

Objectives of Management Management is the means to manage and execute organizational resources and settings in order to achieve organizational goals and objectives. The followings are the main objectives of management. Let’s look at them. Ensure Goal Achievement Ensuring goal achievement is a fundamental objective of management. Management helps organizations set clear and measurable goals, … Read more

What is Controlling?

What is Controlling? The controlling function of management is a goal-oriented process that involves comparing actual performance with established standards to ensure alignment with organizational plans. It focuses on monitoring, evaluating, and taking corrective actions if there are any deviations from the desired outcomes. Controlling measures the extent of progress identifies the causes of deviations, … Read more

What is an Employee? Definition, Duties, Skills, Types, Importance, and FAQs

what is an employee

What is an Employee? An employee is an individual who is hired by an employer to perform specific tasks in exchange for regular payment. They have a formal employment contract that outlines their rights, responsibilities, and working conditions. Unlike independent contractors, employees have a closer relationship with the employer and are subject to their control … Read more