Definition of Authority, Power, and Responsibility in Management

authority power and responsibility

What are Authority, Power, and Responsibility? Authority, power, and responsibility are three concepts in management, while they come simultaneously and have similarities, they are also different from each other. All these play a crucial role in organizational performance. A proper balance is required between them for smooth organizational performance. Let’s individually understand them and look … Read more

Time Departmentalization – Definition, Pros, and Cons

time departmentalization

What is Time Departmentalization? Time departmentalization refers to an organizational structure where departments are created based on different shifts, such as day, evening, or night shifts. This method arranges the workforce to cater to a 24-hour operational cycle, common in industries like hospitality, healthcare, and public utilities. Employees have the flexibility to choose shifts that … Read more

Process Departmentalization – Definition, Pros, and Cons

Process Departmentalization

What is Process Departmentalization? Process departmentalization is an organization’s structure based on distinct stages involved in a product’s production process. It involves grouping activities into departments aligned with specific production processes, predominantly in manufacturing industries. Each department focuses on a particular stage of the production cycle, such as manufacturing, assembly, or finishing. This method aims … Read more

Geographical Departmentalization – Definition, Pros, and Cons

Geographical Departmentalization

What is Geographical Departmentalization? Geographical departmentalization refers to an organizational structure wherein departments are structured based on distinct geographic regions or territories. This method divides an organization’s operations and functional units according to specific geographical locations like regions, districts, countries, or continents. Each territory forms a separate department overseeing various functions such as production, marketing, … Read more

What is Customer Departmentalization? Definition, Features, and Pros/Cons

Customer Departmentalization

What is Customer Departmentalization? Customer departmentalization is an organizational approach where departments are structured based on distinct customer groups or types. This strategy aims to tailor services, activities, and resources toward meeting the unique needs, preferences, and requirements of specific customer segments. It involves creating dedicated departments or units within an organization, each focused on … Read more